Custom Gifts

natural wax in a handmade ceramic container

Personalised Design

At Lunaria, we possess the expertise and a well-equipped design team to provide a personalized gifting experience! Aesthetics, the unfolding story behind each gift, and the recipient’s sense of reward are our primary criteria in crafting the ideal gift box for every occasion.

Discover the benefits of custom design:

Emphasize Your Values!

With custom design, you can create gift packages featuring products that embody the values and principles of your company, thus fostering empathy among your customers and partners. Simultaneously, it serves as a direct reminder of the reasons why you should remain their top choice for their needs.

Earn their appreciation!

By carefully selecting products and personalizing gifts, you demonstrate to your customers and partners that you value them and invest in your relationship with them. A customized gift creates a strong impression, serving as validation of a relationship of appreciation and trust!

Highlight your corporate identity!

Through custom design, you can create gifts that showcase not only the logo but also the colors and style of your company or event, thus enhancing the recognition of your corporate identity.

Past Work

Some inspiration for your next projects!

Easter basket
corporate Easter basket
Greek handmade products
corporate gift boxes
corporate easter basket with natural flower
natural products
corporate easter basket with natural flower
Greek products

Branded to the Bone

Αre you seeking something exclusively tailored to the needs and style of your business?

Then you’re looking for our “Branded to the Bone” service.

Our design team specializes in transforming a variety of products into fully customized items, whether it’s a bottle of virgin olive oil with your logo or even handmade objects engraved with your name.

Lunaria’s “Branded to the Bone” service is exceptionally creative and highly accessible, even for smaller gift quantities. Invest in quality gifts that withstand the test of time, functional items that can become part of your potential customer’s daily life, reminding them of your brand, and original enough to capture the recipient’s attention, making your gift truly memorable.

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