Press Gifts

Communicate your idea!

Do you have an idea or a new product you want to advertise? Have you come to the conclusion that the ideal promotion method is through gifting to an influencer or an event presentation?

At Lunaria, we are well aware of the need for brands to introduce themselves to their audience. Thus, the idea was born to create an innovative corporate gifting service.

Through our specialized Press Gift design service, we undertake to help you create impressive and remarkable gifts that will win the hearts of influencers and PR professionals!

christmas vase with rhoeco christmas tea and honey melicera
natural wax in a handmade ceramic container

What is a Press Gift?

A Press Gift is essentially a gift that you offer to PR professionals either to thank them for their interest in your company or their presence at your event, or to introduce them to a new product or service.

It may include products of your own production or from selected partners, depending on the concept and goal of the promotion.

Why choose Lunaria for your Press Gifts?

A straightforward product placement (in a photo or a video) is now considered almost outdated, especially for professionals who are constantly at the forefront of social media.

Our approach is based on storytelling!

We draw inspiration from the image and values of your business, clarify the purpose and meaning you want to convey to the recipient, and craft a unique story around them!

Understanding the purpose for which we design, we create compositions that deliver experiences of real value and tell a story. We create packages that attract the recipient and reinforce the primary purpose of communication in our days, content creation. A well-designed Press Gift is not just a gift, but also a way to make your corporate promotion stand out.

christmas vase with rhoeco christmas tea and honey melicera
natural wax in a handmade ceramic container

Who do we address?

Whether you belong to the marketing and advertising sector and are looking for partners to implement your idea by taking over the entire process of research, collection, and composition of your packages, or you are a company looking to promote its products or services and are searching for the creation of the ideal packages, we are here to serve you!

Design Process

Project Analysis

We’re discussing the concept, style, and purpose of the gifts you want to create to fully understand the context of your needs.

Composition Study

We’re studying the data we’ve collected and designing our proposals. Following this, we’ll present our idea for corrections and confirmation.

Cost Estimation

We’re estimating the final cost of your packages and awaiting financial confirmation to start ordering the materials and products specified.


We’re gathering the materials and products and starting the assembly of your packages with special attention to every detail.


We handle the shipment to your company or individually to each of your recipients.

Case study

Client: Thamma

In 2022, the Greek company Thamma, that produces organic Cretan products such as herbal teas, contacted us. The request concerned some gift compositions aimed at introducing their new product to the market, Cretan organic thyme honey with wild herbs!

In collaboration with Thamma, we created baskets reminiscent of a picnic experience for the recipient.

We used traditional woven baskets to set up the arrangement of the products provided by Thamma. Drawing inspiration from the theme of a picnic combined with the color palette of the products, we enriched our basket by adding a linen towel with printed traditional Greek motifs. Of course, we accompanied the new product, honey, with the necessary serving accessory, a wooden honey dipper, while the arrangement was completed with a candle made of natural beeswax, as the promotional activity took place a few days before Easter that year.

We wanted the entire package to highlight the Greek origin and reflect the quality of the beverages and honey. That’s why we focused on adding only selected products to complement the composition.

Finally, we took care of the final appearance of the baskets by placing branches of mountain tea to decorate the candle and bring the final result one step closer to nature!

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