Baking Patterns

Baking Patterns

For those who love baking & good design, this gift box is a haven of delightful things! Baking is not only skin-deep here through, with every item having a story to tell.


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Gift set includes:

  • 1 x “Designer Baking” kitchen stamp
  • 1 x striped cotton cross-back apron
  • 1 x handmade ceramic bowl
  • 1 x edible calendula petals
  • 1 x wooden premium box

*Carefully hand-wrapped gift box with paper filling, cotton ribbons & dried flowers.

*Fill your personal note at checkout and we will ship it with a handwritten Lunaria card.

Out of stock

Product Details

*The most of our products are handmade and there might be small variations between them.


Pouring edible calendula on a delicious cake
Edible Calendula

The edible calendula that you will find in this box is made by Olympus Fields, a Certified organic farm located on the foothills of mountain Olympus Greece.

Decorate savoury dishes, pastries, and drinks. Its spicy character gives an extra boost to your creations.

Quantity: 3gr

Person wearing our apron made from soft fabric and holding oranges
Striped Cotton Apron

Sometimes called Japanese-style, our cross-back apron provides the perfect protection during culinary and team-making adventures. Made of soft, flowy cotton fabric that allows freedom of movement. The cut is so comfortable and the stripes make it stylish enough that this is sure to become staple cooking attire.

100% cotton fabric.

One size.

Using the wooden food stamp that you can find in our box and making patterns on biscuit dough
“Designer Baking” kitchen stamp

Fashion meets baking:
“Designer baking” is the wooden stamp in this box. This stamp will transform everyday bread, cookies and pies into small “haute couture” baking marvels. The relief of the iconic fabric pattern “Tweed Herringbone” has been embossed to the base of the stamp.

The pyramid-shaped food stamp is made out of solid olive wood. The intricate fashion pattern is laser etched and the main form is hand-carved by a local craftsman on the island of Corfu.

Designed by STUDIOLAV, a London-based design studio. The baking stamp is a response to the initiative from the Skoufa Gallery in Athens to develop and re-imagine the essence of “folklore” into a contemporary form. Read more about the ‘Designer baking’ project here.

Our premium wooden box with the Lunaria leaf logo containing our "Baking Patterns" box goods
Our Lunaria Wooden Box

The aim of our custom wooden packaging is to truly reflect the simple beauty and pureness of our aesthetic . Our signature wooden boxes are handcrafted in Greece by birch plywood joined skilful with corner finger joints to make them more durable and perfected with a sliding lid for clear feel and contemporary look. Every gift box is accompanied by product detail cards, dried flowers & decorative ribbons.

Eco-friendly packaging

Dimensions: 30x30x12cm

Person opening the lid of the compostable cup that contains the Forest loose tea blend from Roecho
Handmade ceramic bowl

The perfect bowl to serve your biscuits!

Handmade in brown earthy tones.